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Eat Your Peas

What does this phrase mean to you? To me, there is a sense of responsibility, meaning do what is good for you, which also seems to have the possibility of not tasting so great. This could be because I’m not such a fan of peas. Of course, that is just my opinion.

Since I’m writing an orthodontic blog it would make sense that responsibility would mean to brush your teeth, floss, or wear your rubber bands but, the meaning goes much deeper. It is an equally interesting question to ask why don’t we do what is good and healthy for us, eat our peas, take responsibility?

Sometimes it is easier to let someone else be in charge and put the blame of them when we don’t get what we want. However, if we look at responsibility as a grace that we give ourselves, that we have a say in our life, that we are important, and care about ourselves, then who wouldn’t want to eat their peas?

I work with teenagers, a lot. I see the most lovely polite kids turn into sullen balls of anger when they meet their parents in the reception area. Resistance. It is the nature of the age to resist, to build a healthy ego, and say "no." It will serve them well when they are out in the world fending for themselves. For the parent who is sometimes the punching bag, I’m sure it is not fun. Over twenty years of orthodontics tells me that some kids will follow directions exactly, some kids will do nothing, and most are in between. Orthodontics is a small responsibility compared with creating the life one loves but it is a step. Why not embrace it? See what responsibility brings. It could be a nice smile, a sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence. And who knows how far that will take you?

Dr. Maruko has been practicing orthodontics for over twenty years, was a Psychobiology major at USC, has continued her interest in the human mind through, workshops, Analysis and most recently has been studying Depth Psychology for two years and is currently enrolled in a Jungian Spiritual Psychology coaching program.

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