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To Embrace Greatness, Dance with the Stars

For the past four years our patients have been declaring their greatness on our walls.

You never know where inspiration lies, mine came from watching Nyles DiMarco, a deaf model and actor, rock the dance floor on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2015. Did you catch that? He’s an amazing dancer AND he is deaf.

Nyles DiMarco ALSO uses his celebrity as a vehicle to help deaf and hard of hearing children. His passion and generosity moved me to do the same, in my own way.

I was a shy and quiet child, not sure of myself or what made me special. Hence, the writing on the wall in big bold letters, “Embrace Your Greatness.” It gives kids at my practice a chance to explore what makes them unique and builds confidence. At Maruko Orthodontics, it not just about having a pretty smile on the outside, it’s about the inside too. That’s why we have SO MANY games and activities of that nature.

Early in my career, I started on the path of personal growth holding leadership positions at workshops for kids and adults. More than twenty years later, I’m still loving it. I’ve been deep into Depth Psychology for three years and earned my certificate as a Jungian Life Coach, and with it, earned a greater understanding of what stops people from what they want in life and how to help them move forward.

Nyles DiMarco did not let the fact that he is deaf stop him from dancing and expressing himself in a BIG way. Neither should we.

For me, artistry and creativity are not new. I grew up with it. The confidence to tap into it was just not imbued in me. Creativity comes from a greater source. Trusting and using it whether it is in the care of patients or creating a new art project takes practice. We are all here to express our best self and that is what I am passionate about.

Kudos to Nyles DiMarco for using his celebrity to help others. Kudos to my team for adding their individual gifts to synergistically create the “Embrace Your Greatness” wall and the entire environment at our office.

ON achieving greatness in the orthodontic office…

It’s my personal opinion but seeing the orthodontist just four or five times a year may save time for you, but does that really allow for greatness. With so much technology, people may tend to rely on it and forget the human factor. Technology helps our lives but it has to be used with good judgement and also directed.

What’s important to you? Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you able to monitor the progress of tooth movement yourself for most of the year?

  • Is reinforcement and supervision from other authority of value to you?

  • Are you able to manage your child’s oral health with little outside help?

  • What are you really saving with the less or no doctor visit approach?

On another front, just this week I saw a patient with complicated orthodontic issues as well as a history of severe TMJ pain that had been treated and stabilized by great dentist. I asked her, “how is your jaw” as I do at every one of her appointment. She did not bring it up until I asked. She laughed and told me that it had been hurting severely the last two mornings. I was able to modify her treatment and get her back on track. I understand not speaking up, remember, I was shy and didn’t want to make waves. I see her quite a bit more than four or five times a year, it’s about what is needed to create quality health.

How many patients would go for ten or twelve weeks not knowing what to look for, not watching their teeth move, people get busy and forget, or are not comfortable calling to inform the orthodontist? I bet quite a few.

Give yourself the personal care you deserve, allow yourself and your orthodontist the space to create the most beautiful smile for you, tap into the power of your own uniqueness, and dance with the stars.

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