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Teen Orthodontics

Our office offers a variety of treatment options for teenagers.​

The result of having orthodontic treatment as a teenager don't only include a self-esteem and confidence boost, but also having a healthy, beautiful smile into adulthood.

Treating during adolescence while the jaw is still growing will allow Dr. Maruko to achieve a result that may not be possible once the face and jaw bones have fully developed.

Teenagers have the following options to achieve a beautiful smile:


Metal Braces -


Metal braces are the most popular options. Many of our teenage patients love getting to come in for their appointments and get their color ties changed to match their friend's braces or designing their own pattern. Read More


Ceramic Clear Braces -


A popular alternative to metal braces for many older teens and adults, ceramic clear braces are a less noticeable solution to straightening your smile. Many of our teenage patients who are performers or are just concerned about the appearance of braces really appreciate the looks of ceramic braces. Read More


Invisible Clear Braces (ClearCorrect) -


ClearCorrect invisible aligners (similar to Invisalign) are available to teenagers who want to straighten their smile without wearing braces. These removable aligners are a popular alternative to braces, though it's good to keep in mind that they are also are a big responsibility and must be worn as prescribed in order for them to effective. Read More

Does My Teen Need Ortho Treatment?

Here are a few things to look for that mean your child may need to see an orthodontist for an evaluation:


- Crowded or protruding teeth

- Uncomfortable bite

- Top teeth overlapping bottom teeth

- Jaw is too far forward

- Spacing in between teeth

- Jaw popping or clicking

"Everyone always compliments me on how my teeth are so straight. That compliment goes to Maruko Orthodontics!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!!" - Arezu

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before and after braces, orthodontist, orthodontics, dr maruko
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