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What Are Patients Saying?

“Dr. Maruko has an excellence for detail.” K. S.

“I can breathe.  It's so nice I could cry."

K. L. 

"Amazing work by Dr Maruko. She is very professional, efficient and knowledgeable. I am an adult and I needed an orthodontist that would be able to move my teeth properly without damage and after very short years, I'm almost done!” - E. R.

“Great visit!  Got everything done quickly and efficiently. A+.” -E.A., 8/8/2023

""My bite is comfortable, they look amazing.  I'm thrilled!"  -O.M.

"And your nose works :)" - Dr.M


"We have been coming to Dr. Maruko for many years and absolutely love her and the staff. They are professional and do so much to make the kids comfortable and their experience enjoyable. The results are amazing as well.” - Michelle G.

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Meet Dr. Maruko

Dr. Evelyn Y. Maruko D.M.D., M.S., M.P.H


Orthodontic Specialist with a passion for total health and confidence

Doctor Maruko's passion is to help people get to the root of their sleep and airway problems with thorough diagnosis and treatment planning.  After many years as an orthodontist creating beautiful smiles, her entire focus shifted when she went to her first Sleep Education Consortium, which was over four years ago.  The goal is to help people sleep better, so they can live better, have a great smile, and be more centered in themselves.  


Dr. Maruko is a graduate of Harvard University, earning her doctorate in Dentistry and a Masters Degree in Public Health.  She received the Grace Milliken Award for Outstanding Research.    

She completed her orthodontic training at Northwestern University, and earned a second Masters Degree, in Science, and Certificate in Orthodontics.

Believing that one's learning and growth should never stop, she has four certificates in Sleep Dentistry / Medicine, covering issues that affect people of all ages. 

Her college major was Psychobiology and she has continued this interest in her spare time, with the understanding that the mind and body are one.  Sleep issues frequently overlap with TMJ, anxiety, and behavior issues.  What if a child with ADHD really needs better sleep?  It happens.  


Dr. Maruko searches for a solution to the root cause of sleep issue rather than a band-aid.  Health and Wellness, and holistic health are the goals.  Determining the cause of an airway blockage is key.  She considers machines and devices to be necessary for some people and also band-aids and prefers health care resources be spent on improving health.  

It takes collaboration with other health care providers, and is challenging and that's why she loves it.  


Harvard University Dental School:  Doctorate

  • Awarded:  Grace Milliken Award for Outstanding Research

  • Published in Cleft Palate Journal

Harvard University, School of Public Health:  Master's Of Science Degree

Northwestern University, Orthodontics:  Master’s of Science Degree

University of Southern California:  B.S. in Psychobiology, Honors major

  • Thematic Option:  Honors General Education Program

  • Cambridge University, England:  International Studies Program

  • USC Helenes:  President

  • Graduated with Honors:  Order of Troy for Unique and Outstanding Leadership


Recent Courses and Continuing Education:

* White Memorial Hospital Sleep Dentistry

Pitts 21 Comprehensive Course

* Airway Mini Residency 

* Certified: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Management

* ALF Fundamentals

* Sleep Education Consortium 2020

* Sleep Disorders in the Pediatric Population: Airway Management

Professional Activities



As well as:

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