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Emergency Care

Although emergencies are rare, we want you to know that we are available to help you if such an event were to occur. If you are experiencing any severe pain or if you have an appliance problem, call our office and we will schedule an appointment to resolve the problem. If you are traveling or unable to make it to our office at the time of the emergency, identify your problem below and follow the instructions listed until you are able to come in to the office to get it taken care of.

Loose Wire

During treatment, wires may slip out of the bracket slots of the back teeth. This may be avoided by eating the appropriate foods Dr. Maruko has recommended. 


If you have a loose wire, cover the tip of the loose wire with wax and call our office to schedule an appointment.

Poking Wire

Sometimes as your teeth shift, the ends of the wire will start poking out the back of the molar tubes and begin irritating the cheeks. 


This problem may be resolved by covering the area causing discomfort with a small pea-sized amount of wax. 


If you continue to experience discomfort, call our office to schedule an appointment.

Loose/Broken Bracket

A "loose" bracket, also known as a broken bracket, is a bracket that has disattached itself from your tooth. This is usually caused by eating hard or sticky foods. 


If the bracket is loose, apply a small portion of wax if you are in any discomfort. If the bracket has completely fallen out, the bracket can be disposed.


Avoid connecting elastics or a headgear appliance to any loose brackets.  


Call the office to schedule an appointment to have the bracket replaced.


Your teeth may become sore or achy following an orthodontic appointment.

Usually the teeth are most sore during the first 24-72 hours. After 72 hours, the teeth usually begin to start feeling better.


This can be relieved by rinsing your mouth with a warm salt water mouthwash. Dissolve one teaspoonful of salt in 8 ounces of warm water, and rinse your mouth vigorously.


If necessary, take the pain reliever you would use for a headache.


Maintain a soft food diet as needed. 

Missing Separator

It is not uncommon for some patients to lose a separator during the process that prepares your mouth for braces.


It is important that we replace your missing separator a couple of days prior to placing your braces.


If your separator(s) come out, be sure to call our office before your next scheduled appointment.

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If you are experiencing an emergency not listed on this page, please contact our office at 714.685.3890 and one of our team members will guide you step-by-step on what to do.

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