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Patient Testimonials

We are passionate about providing our patients with an excellent orthodontic experience! This page is dedicated to all of our fabulous patients who so graciously took a moment of their valuable time to share their orthodontic experience with us in writing and video. All testimonials were unscripted and were recorded on the spot right after their braces were removed! Feel free to contact our office if you encounter any technical difficulties viewing the video or if you have any questions.

"There is so much to like about Maruko Orthodontics! First of all, when you open the front door, you step into a beautifully decorated tranquil environment where you're greeted by friendly staff. You efficiently check yourself in by computer. There is often no wait and when there is, it's brief. Dr. Maruko's staff is professional, knowledgable and capable. Dr. Maruko, herself, is a highly educated and experienced orthodontist. She uses state of the art techniques to create a treatment plan tailored to individual patient needs. Dr. Maruko makes the orthodontic process fun with her reward system and contests, etc. Most importantly, she has been able to accomodate all of my needs. I highly recommend Maruko Orhodontics to all potential patients!"


"Markup Orthodontics is great! I have always received great care! I feel confident that my teeth are being taken care of!"


"The staff are super nice, and they have movies outside. They really helped me with my teeth."


"I love Dr. Maruko!!! She decorates her office for the time of sesson and it always welcomes me when i walk in. I am happy Dr. Maruko is my orthodontist."


"I been with Dr. Maruko for years!!! Shes has an amazing office and amazing skills to make everyone's experience all the more pleasant!"


"I love Maruko Orthodontics! They do a great job at making your teeth absolutely perfect and are very kind. The staff is very nice and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Maruko she does an amazing job! I love my teeth now!"


"My daughter just got her braces off and her teeth are absolutely beautiful!! Dr. Maruko did an amazing job and I would highly recommend her!!"


"Everyone always compliments me on how my teeth are so straight. That compliment goes to Maruko Orthodontics!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!"


"its a great place to go and the people are great :)!!!!!!!!"


"This is a great place! After all you did my teeth are getting straighter and the place is very clean too! Thank you for all your help. :)"


"Maruko Orthodontics is amazing i got there and right away i was amzed great atmosphere and it goes by so quickly"


"Doctor Maruko works magic with your mouth she does an amazing job."


"Did a wonderful job! I just got my braces off and my teeth look amazing."


"Great Ortho experience. I would highly recommend."


"Maruko Orthodontics has helped me so much throughout my life. My teeth are so straight and clean. Thank you for all the hard work you put into making my teeth great."


"I love my smile after going to Maruko Orthodontics! They have a nice facility and the staff are friendly! :D I highly recommend this place as well."


"i love this place all the people are sooo nice!!!!"


"This is a great orthodontist and the people are all nice."


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"They are nice and treat you good"


"I had been speaking to friends and checking different reviews online, when I ran into this office I was very interested. Love their website and how they get the children involved and eager to go to their next appointment with their "points program"! Dr. Maruko is great with my son and made him feel very comfortable, which was the BEST because he is the patient, and was included in all our conversations."


"Dr. Maruko helped me get the best smile I could ever ask for!"


"The place is really clean, the staff is highly professional, and makes the whole experience as smooth and pleasant as possible"


"i just got braces and my teeth are already looking staighter!!! they are all really nice!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH :)"


"I love this orthodontics office! its the best one around. They are all so nice!"


"Dr.Maruko's office is a wonderful place. They have a really nice area with very helpful staff. Dr.Maruko is very nice and careful whenever she is working on your braces. I highly recommend this place!"


"When my mom tells me I have to go to the orthodontics, I enjoy it. Their work is amazing!!! Everyone ask me where I go because my teeth are so straight,and I tell them Maruko Orthodontics. Thank you for Dr. Maruko!!!! :)"


"They help me with my horrible teeth now they are straight"


"i have been going to dr.maruko for 2 yers and she has always been so kind"


"so far ive had my braces on for 2 years and had an exbander for 2 years my teeth r looking great! i get my braces of in december :)"


"Dr. Maruko is the best place to get your teeth fixed and straightened like never before! I also recommend Maruko Orthodontics as the best orthodontics you can ever have! The staff is also great and friendly to you and your teeth! :)"


"i love ms. maruko and her staff. my teeth are straight and clean thanks to her!"


"Maruko Orthodontics is so good at creating beautiful smiles!!!!!"


"My teeth look fabulous!! I love the work they do. My teeth have been looking whiter and straighter than ever before! Thank you!!"


"Enjoying going there. My teeth are looking grate"


"Got My braces off and my teeth were in the right spot"


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