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Office Visits

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Below is the order in which your first 3 appointments at our office will take place and what they will each entail. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions and we'll be more than happy to assist you!

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During your first visit, your goals for your smile will be discussed. There will be a visual exam and additional health issues will be considered. 


Dr. Maruko will determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary and will discuss potential treatment approaches for creating the best smile for you or your child.


Please visit our "New Patient Forms" page, fill-out the applicable forms, print them out, and bring them to your consultation.

Diagnostic Records


If Dr. Maruko determines orthodontic treatment is necessary, diagnostic records (a series of x-rays, photos of your face and teeth, and molds of your teeth) can be done that same day. If not, an appointment is scheduled to take your diagnostic records at our office at your earliest convenience. 


Dr. Maruko will examine your records, identify the problems, and create a customized solution.

Check out our "Diagnostic Records" video to the left for a look at what diagnostic records is all about!

Treatment Planning


A meeting is scheduled with you to discuss the orthodontic treatment that best suits your needs a few days after the diagnostic records have been taken. Once you and the doctor have chosen the most suitable treatment option, an appointment will be scheduled to begin your treatment.

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