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“My bite is comfortable. It looks amazing." - O.M.

“My bite is comfortable. It looks amazing. I’m thrilled.” We think you’re amazing. Initially OM came for an ortho for his teeth. When I started talking about sleep and airway, he realized that he wasn’t sleeping or breathing well. Being a researcher, he did his homework, we made an orthodontic plan specifically designed for airway problems. He followed through on the medical side as well with consultation with an Otolaryngologist.

The most up to date 3D technology is used at this office. From diagnosis with Conebeam CT that is read by a Maxillofacial Radiologist, planning based on specific measurements based on the Breathe Institute, as well as precise design and fabrication of a special MARPE appliance using Conebeam CT and 3D imaging of the dental structures.

One day he told me, “You’d think medicine would know more about what dental can do. What really made a difference was the ortho.” He moved to another state for school, and it took dedication to come back to OC for his appointments. Now, he’ll finish his program with a killer smile to show off at graduation.



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