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How to Survive the Holidays with Braces!

The holiday season is here! ⛄

If you have braces, with it comes many tempting treats and the worry about all that food getting crammed in your brackets.

To prevent poking wires and broken brackets, we've put together a simple list of "Foods to Enjoy" & "Foods to Avoid"!

Foods to Enjoy

  • Turkey

  • Ham

  • Mashed potatoes (& gravy)

  • Cranberry sauce

  • Pumpkin pie (minus the crust)

  • Jello

  • Hot chocolate, hot cocoa

  • anything soft

Foods to Avoid

  • Chewy & sticky foods (toffee, caramels, popcorn, pecan pie)

  • Hard foods (candy canes, brittle, gingerbread, hard cookies, nuts)

  • Any foods you have to bite into (meat on the bone, corn on the cob, apples)

If you're following the guidelines and something comes loose or starts poking, check out the "Emergency Care" section on our website for some quick-fixes!

Remember to brush and floss after having any sugary treats!

Happy holidays from all of us at Maruko Orthodontics!!

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