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In a world where pessimism and negativity seem to take center stage, our objective is to empower. 
We believe that people matter and it is up to each of us to 

be the beacon of light that the dark unicorn is fighting for. 

Please read the story of the dark unicorn below to see how you can help. 

A note from the artist, Michael Parkes -


"From all the ancient books, he was only mentioned once. When the sins and sorrows of mankind became so great all the unicorns were taken from the earth because their purity could not stand the descent into chaos. Only one remained. He believed if he stayed he could help humanity absorb the pain around them. His pure white color slowly turned to black as he absorbed the sorrows of mankind. Even a comforting angel could not convince him to leave. The unicorn has been fighting battles for centuries against the dark forces. With many wounds and his beautiful horn broken, he fights on. The Dark Unicorn remains."

The creation of a forest home for the dark unicorn

Patients, parents, moms, and dads help create a forest for the dark unicorn

Join Us!

You can join the project by sending a message to the dark unicorn:


1. Follow in the steps of the dark unicorn by doing something good for others

2. Write something selfless you will do to help the dark unicorn 

3. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter

4. Use the hashtag #SavetheDarkUnicorn so we can find it


Help create the forest for the dark unicorn:

1. Print out the leaf or unicorn template by clicking on the PDF icon

2. Write something selfless you will do to help the dark unicorn

3. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter

4. Use the hashtag #SavetheDarkUnicorn so we can find it


We'll print out your photo and add it to the expanding forest throughout our office.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office at 714.685.3890 and one of our team members will be happy to help you!

Leaf Template

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